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Art and Healing are two strands that are interwoven in studies and practice. Art is a continuum in which we take part, building on the skills and practices of those who have gone before, from teachers, mentors and associates.  Healing has many forms and techniques. It is a process that is facilitated by those who have acquired skills and sensitivities for the individual (the primary healer) to bring them to their full potential.

Frances Mezzetti is a Visual Artist and director of Art Well a company that provides a link between creative expression and optimum health, with individual and collaborative body based art expression. We believe in the innate creativity in each human being. We believe that by encouragement, support and dedication to self care and reflection each person can reach their full potential.

Art Well offers tools and techniques for self-healing through creativity. The process involves relaxation and meditation with focusing on the breath. Our aim is to generate an atmosphere where self-compassion and gentle steps encourage dreams to manifest. The dreamer within finds an outlet to create with awareness in movement, free style painting, drawing, writing in a combination that is suited to individual and group needs. No art experience is required. Art Well with a team of associates opens up possibilities for a fulfilling life experience.

Investigates systems that reflect societal concerns:

Provides hands on healing to individuals and groups:

Energy healing – locally and as distant healing – can be arranged through the online portal.

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Movement as a way to awareness
9th, 16th to 23th Oct
Stress Management
Appointment From Sept
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